Best Commercial Offset Printer for sale

Best Commercial Offset Printer for sale Price

  • Max Speed: 120pcs/minute (Depends on products)
  • Color: 1-8 color, customization
  • Suitable for : Cosmetic tubes, Silicon Sealants, Aluminum Caps, Paper Cups
  • Product Diameter Scope:10~120mm
  • Motor Power: Driving Wheel 3.7kw; Driver for printing plate 2.2kw; driver chain 2.2kw; Driver for ink stick 0.06kw
  • Price: $100,000 whole set header+long oven(the price of header and short oven please contact with sales)

Applications– Sample of Offset Printer for sale

Product dimension:φ16-φ60mm  20-18-mm depend on products
Motor power for Driving wheel3.7KW-1pcs
Motor for printing plate2.2KW–1pcs
Motor for drive chain2.2KW-1pcs
Motor for  driving ink stick0.06KW—6pcs
Cuttingsystemmainmotor 3HP(2.2KW)
Roaster main motor3HP(2.2KW)
Driv emotor90W+90W+90W=270W=0.27KW
UV drying system10KW
Static eliminator system1.5KW
Roaster heating system1.2KW*4=4.8KW
Working air pressure0.4-0.8Mpa
Working voltage380V/420V Can customize any Voltage
External dimensions Printing head :3200*1600*1800mm
weight Printinghead:4000kg
weight Drying oven:3000kg
No Name Remark (maufacturer )
2frequency transformerPanasonic
3Gearimported material
5robot arm systemTHK
8Feeder SystemTHK
10electronic controlOmoron
13voltage protectorFrance
14low-voltage apparatusFrance
15Big WheelCNC
17Mandrel rodsimported material

Offset Printer for sale Video

Offset Printer for sale Description:

The soft tube 6 color printing machine is an Offset Printer for sale for fully plastic soft tube. It’s also called offset printing machine or 6 color rotary printing machine. The soft tube 6 color printing machine is specially designed for plastic soft tube. It mainly consists of two portions: printing machine header and oven.For the header of the printing machine is functioned to print the pictures on the soft tube, after the printing, it goes to the oven for dry the ink and varnish.
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Offset Printer for sale Construction:

construction of multicolor offset printer for sale

Process Flow:

Mechanical arm grab the soft tube to feed the tube onto the mandrel, soft tubes goes to the 6 color printing axis and do the printing, then goes to the varnish and oil axis, after finish the varnish, soft tube will transferred to the oven automatically, and when comes out from the oven, soft tube was dried.

multicolor offset printer for sale- tube printing process
multicolor offset printer for sale- test samples

Advantages of soft tube 6 color printing machine

Excellent Functions of the soft tube 6 color printing machine:
1. Excellent performance in printing gradient ramp
2. Excellent performance in printing human face
3. Excellent performance in clear and small words
4. The soft tube 6 color printing machine is designed compactly, built-in registration system(electable)、UV curing system or heater(electable).Maximum printing speed is 80pcs per minute. The configured systems:PLC and touch screen systems, auto feeding and downloading systems, flaming system(double torches for special PP plastic),mechanical synchronous drive system,”No-piece-No-printing”sensor, mechanical fixing system for printing.
5. The soft tube 6 color printing machine adopted the horizontal rotating mechanical synchronous drive system,work-piece be rotated 360 degree to finish the printing; which becomes the high printing capacity line because the feeding system. The perfect design will satisfy many customers’ different requirement for the high quality products. 6. Selective choice for corona system and flaming system: Configurated with both corona and flaming system, can use any one when producing the soft tube. Varnish function: Varnish can use UV varnish or other types of varnish, be aware of that if use the UV varnish, must use the UV lamp in the oven to dry the varnish. If the varnish type is not UV varnish, then no need to open the UV lamp in the oven, otherwise, the soft tube may comes out bent.

Main use of soft tube 6 color printing machine:

It is used for printing 1-6 color(s) and drying tubes and caps, cups.


1).Employ precise decollator of 180mm width between centers from TAIWAN to drive the printing table, so as to ensure its stability & long service life under high speed working.
2). To the complex process of shifting tubes from printing table to the chain, we also employ TAIWAN decollator and special made rolling screw rod, to maintain the stability of the work.
3). There is only one data cable connecting the printer and dryer, which brings future convenience to the following situation: if the printer is placed downstair while the dryer is placed on upstairs, the tubes won’t need a lifting machine to convey to upstairs for drying, so as to save manpower.
4). Direct heating of chamber type of dryer reduces heat loss.
5). Gears using in printer is of fine made, which ensure its precision and service life, so as to help precision of chromatography greatly.
6). Dryer is made up of 2 parts, first part is for laminar current and UV treatment, second part is for infrared heating; thanks to a special laminar current, the gloss oil works well, which reduces the count on the smoothness of gloss oil wheel, so as to reduce the grinding to the gloss oil wheel.
7). Back moving design of printing table, when there is no tube on a printing stick, the whole printing table will move backward for 5mm, so as to avoid the contact of ink and printing rod. 8). Matured headless printing helps to reduce the wastage of large area printing, as well as reduce 2 processes–welding & head cutting–for the oval tubes.

Printer Header Pictures

Oven Pictures & Spare Parts


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